Tales of an Imperfectly Perfect Girl

We resumed Jss3, it is a beautiful session every junior girl looks forward to. The part where you write your Junior Waec, go for four months break and resume as a senior girl😊. Apart from exams fever which was a very common, there was nothing else to fear. Though, remembering that we didn’t have junior behind us was devastating, as all unity schools back then didn’t have. We will begin to do double duties like a Jss1 girl, extra workload, but most of us were determined to cross this ocean first, then we think of handling the next one.
Together with my best friend back then, and my fellow Junior dorm mates, we did some reading, lots of contraband eating and crazy stuff. First term came and went, so did second term, then we were left with extension. The part where all Sss3 and Jss3 students remain in school to prepare for final exams. Any boarder would teestify tp the glory of this period, it’s a period we all lokk forward to, a period where you become free to do whatever you like, eat contrabands, switch dorms, take food out of dinning hall, to mention but few.
It was during this period I officially met a friend who became more, through my bestie. I mean, we’ve always known and seen each other, but we had no reason to talk, so we didn’t until she came to my dorm one night, It was all dark, no power supply but the trio got talking, bestie happened to give her my provs which I had no problem with. And since then, we clicked, we got talking the connection was overwhelming.
We started dating during the extension period (before you judge me, it was nothing serious, we never had any sexual knowledge of each other till wr left. But it was different, it felt good and I felt loved, it was a whole level of feeling, first time I would feel that way, and it’s actually a girl). We exchanged a reasonable number of love letters, always hooking up at night to talk, send each other minimal ywt significant gifts, albeit we were on a whole “fronting” level😁. We don’t talk during daytime or when other people were there, *choi! I have been all shades of stupid and mushy once* 😬😬. The extension ended on my birthday, I had my sister come all the way from Lagos to deliver food, cake amd other goodies. I shared with my friends, and of course sent to my *love*, as you can imagine, a large share😁. Bestie went to declare, LOL, busy body girl😂😂. I reviewed a letter saying thanks and lots of love message from my baby, it was good, I slept well and had a nice day.
School resumed the next day, other students joined us, school was getting filled with students, home made food from friends was the deal. Until a very much disliked senior in our dorm resumed, the junior girls knew what we did 2 days before then, we knew it wasn’t going to be a good sight. We didn’t like her, so we rather looked forward to the amusement and disgrace rather than feel remorse for what we’ve done or pity this “senior” for what was about to come.




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