Tales of an Imperfectly Perfect Girl

We resumed Ss2 and everything was normal till I found out this girl who took every opportunity to punish me because of jealousy was repeating that class. Not to be evil or insensitive, but I was happy.

God humbled her in the best way ever and as expected, talking to me became a problem. We were never friends and she managed to make me an enemy. But it wasn’t just US in this situation, it was like that for all those tyrants who found joy in bullying juniors, when they repeat a class, they feel like aliens at first until these juniors are okay with making them feel comfortable. Well, I had different ideas of how I was going to deal with her and make her miserable, but I couldn’t do any of those, I just couldn’t. I found out I forgave her long before I even realised it. It was gone, I just couldn’t shake the feeling of knowing she was the reason why I wasn’t so close to baby girl no more. I mean the stress and instability got to us, so there was a bridge and we didn’t get to talk until the end of second term.
Just when I thought I was done being naughty, I found myself among the most amazing, all sort of smart yet stubborn set of girls. Ss2C girls, we shared ideas, there was no day we don’t celebrate including “National Hand washing day”. We had that sort of oneness, which made us stand up for one of our classmates even when she went overboard by abusing the class teacher up his face. We all took the punishment by denying her actions, but scolded her in private. But trust me, every teacher and student knew the “canny chicas”. We had different sorts of naughty, but I can’t imagine myself anywhere else apart from them, they gave me beatiful memories in SS2.

Ss2 ended and we had to go for the annual, Citizenship and Leadership training at Sea School Apapa Lagos. No way I was missing that experience, all Unity schools go through this training at a point. We left shool, had a week of break at home, then we were to resume at sea school. I was anxious😬 and excited altogether. It was going to be a very lovely experience, at least from what I heard. I looked forward to it, until the sunday, Mom and Dad saw their baby girl off to the Jetty of the sea…

Is Babygal about to unleash Her rebellion again?  Let’s find out





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