Tales of an Imperfectly Perfect Girl


My parents and I got to the sea jetty and we met some of my schoolmates already. Those who live in Oyo and it’s environs came with the school transport, the rest of us met them there. It was feeling good already. I was excited about the sea experience as the sea school itself is an Island. After doing all proper entry check, we were to board our boats to the Island, believe me when I say was scared. No, I am not aqua phobic but it was my first time and it felt giddy. Our parents were to go back at the jetty, so they had to wave us off at the jetty. I didn’t miss the scared look on my Parents’ face. Lol! Especially my Dad, where his kids are concerned, he’s the softest person on earth. His only consolation was the fact that he knew he could come back the next week to check on me, there was one Sunday for visiting.
We moved, journey on the boat was rather fascinating and beautiful than I thought, not without the boat jerking, but we got to our destination. Apparently, a whole lot of schools have been present already. Immediately we saw the ongoing activities, we regretted agreeing to wear natives already. Like, No! How do we get to jump and do all these sport activities in these flowing ankara? Well, we did it and we all looked funny. Finally, we got our mesh pans, buckets and mattresses. And we were sorted to our watches (platoon/groups). You should know, I happened to be in the group who lost at everything *sad*. Soldiers do not slack! We started activities that same day. There was no room for welcoming us at all. But one thing made me happy already, the food😂😂. Very delicious and plentiful meal, it wasn’t what we expected at all. We had rice and stew with beef (we ate beef throughout our stay anyway), would have expected more fish since we were on the sea, but no, I was surprised/disappointed considering I am a big fan of fresh fish.
The day ended with everyone exhausted from settling down to getting familiar with the environment to some people hooking up with boys already, Call it teenage exuberance. We were all Ss1 and Ss2 students moving to next stage. Some of us have been confined to single sex school, while some saw an opportunity to be very free, away from the world they were used to, and some people like me, very extroverted with a little trace of ambivalent just watched how things would unfold. I wasn’t in a hurry. I just wanted to take my time to suck it all in, no pressure. So, the day ended and all I wanted to do was just to sleep and get ready for the next day. Nothing prepared me for the attitude I got when I retired to the room. But it didn’t bother me, because I know girls and our drama, and I have taken enough note to know that it’s a matter of time before these girls understand the fact that we all need each other and we are stuck for a while. So they’d all learn, calm down and loosen up soon.
I slept, it felt good. Serenity of the environment helped me but it was cut short! We heard whistles at 4:30am😬😬. Can’t this people be nice today at least? That was the beginning of my least favorite time. Little did we all know a greater fear awaited us in the morning.

What fear could this be?




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