Jaiye Kuti

She’s dynamic, she’s energetic, she’s passionate. She is Wale Kuti Jayeola, who is fondly called Jaiye Kuti (@jayeolamonje). Jaiye Kuti is a graduate of the University of Lagos, where she studied English. Her background in acting is almost untraceable as she sees it as an innate ability, considering that her friends and colleagues in school, usually called her a natural actor, which in a way, made her thirst to get out of school fast enough to start a career in acting. She mentioned that when she was finally going to get into the industry fully, her brother’s friend took her to Tajudeen Adepeju Production House, where she had her first audition for Laff Matters. Gradually, other production companies noticed her and she was in many other TV soaps, which include; Everyday People, One Love, Beg Your Pardon, Face to Face and Spiders among many others.

Currently, she is featuring in Awon Aladun De, one of the most popular TV family sitcoms, and there is more to come as she will also be featuring in the most anticipated and first Yoruba telenovela of its kind; Borokini.
As regards what brought her into limelight, she affirmed that it is Face to Face where people started referring to her as Landlady, but also emphasized that TV Soaps, have brought her more fame than Home Videos have. However, it has been a little surprising that it took a while before she began personal production of films, and to clear the curiosity on ground, she explained that she decided to learn and serve first, in order to understand the order of things before delving into such.

Jayeola is a married woman with children, and one beautiful thing is that her husband is in total support of her career, who as a matter of fact, he was one of those who encouraged her to make a career out of it. Well, in her words

“You can still crush on me. It makes me feel younger”.
Regardless, she hasn’t been able to escape from the plague of scandal, as one erupted from her film with the popular Fuji artist, Pasuma, where the duo got married and people began to see them as an item, beyond the four walls of the film. This is a rumor that took them a long time to clear in the minds of the people.

For her, the fact that acting comes easy for her, and also because she is very imaginative, it has in a way put her on the edge of interpreting her roles well, which has made her a very unique actress. Jaiye Kuti’s iconic influence is Whitney Houston as she inspires her to be better. The major challenge she has noted to be facing is basically spending quality time with her children, and also her family at large.

Her passion for her job, drives her to be better. For her, “Action is like a spiritual thing for me”. Asides her newest films which include Olori Amolegbe, Kadara, Omolakeji etc, you should anticipate more fantastic works from her.

To her fan she says;
“Be determined. Ask yourself if you are ready to do it”

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