Let me say this before I start, I am not the type to snoop in on celebrities but I just could not get my face and mind off this picture. I mean, I had my reservations about “Ultimate Love” the reality show that kicked off earlier this year. For me, I had enough of Big Brother and I saw no need to bring in another reality show close to it.
Somehow along the line, I figured it had a greater good and I totally fell in love with the show. Ultimate love to me is a daring show because it meant participants had to own up to finding it difficult to find true love and also submit themselves to being hooked up. It was really not about the money but the partner and that made a lot of sense to me.
Few weeks into the show, I already had my favorite couple and of course it was the BOLARS. Their love seemed real and they could not even hide the fire they had and their attraction for each other. It was beautiful and I was a big fan who really hoped for the best for this lovers.
You all can now imagine my shock when I saw Arnold’s picture with this popular actress on social media. Several questions popped in my head and I kept trying to figure out what exactly could be going on. Could he be having an affair with @empressnjamah? Is she his ex? Is Arnold’s relationship with Bolanle about to sink?
Honestly, I’m in a fix right now because I think they are a great couple and I had high hopes but on the other hand, this might just be a testament to the fact that match making never works. It is better you see a person and be attracted to the person than someone trying to hook two people up. Most times, match making breeds’ pretense and a lot of misunderstandings. Please note that I said Most time o, before you people come for me and start giving me lectures on how many match maked relationships have worked.
Anyway, I don’t have all my facts right but by just looking at these pictures and the gist I gathered around, there is definitely something fishy between this two. My only advise for Bolanle is to start looking for a way out of the relationship because her heart is about to be broken. She would be competing with a celebrity and I don’t think this is a fight she would win.
Last last, men are scum. I rest my case.


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Oluseye oyadele
April 28, 2020 at 2:54 am

If you don’t have anything to talk about why can’t you keep your mouth mute and leave Bolar matter alone . Arnold is an actor so what is the so special about the picture.

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