ADE TIGER OF KOB!!! All You Need To Know About The Superstar Actor

Ade Tiger became a household name when KING OF BOYS was released. Beyond the character being an emotionally captivating one, you would agree with me that the actor did a great job in interpreting the character. His role in KOB got people asking questions like; Who is Ade Tiger?

Ladies and Gentlemen, permit me to introduce to you, Titi Kuti, the man who played Ade Tiger in King of Boys.

Titi Kuti is a graduate of Industrial relations and Personal Management from Lagos State University. Gist is, he started off modelling from as far back as 2003. His career as a model continued till he became a television presenter for Nigezie TV in 2009. Titi Kuti’s career growth in TV was so impressive that he became a producer in just a short time. Not too long after, he grew to become the head of production.

Of course, his growth didn’t end there, he went into big format productions like idols, Nigeria’s got talent and football legends Nigeria. From there, the superstar moved on to become the producer for Africa Magic Series ( hustle – Season 1 – 3 ) while he was also an actor on hustle.

You would agree with me, that although Titi Kuti had been in the industry for a while, KING OF BOYS brought him into the limelight.

A lot of people have been curious about his personality, considering the role he played in King of Boys. Oh well, people have been curious to know if Titi Kuti is as loyal as the Ade Tiger In KOB.

Titi Kuti’s reponse to this is;

“Well people are our mirror, so I am not the one to tell if I am a loyal person or not , you will have to ask those who I have encountered in my journey ( there are so many you can ask ) , what I can say is I try to do things right by God first ( humanity ) , by principle ( is it the right thing to do) and. By conscience ( empathy ). Once those three ticks are checked , I am fine..”

As expected, it was quite a lot embodying that type of character effortlessly. When asked how he was able to pull that off, Titi Kuti said;

“It wasn’t easy, I have to embody the character even when I was not shooting , because Kemi Adetiba is a Pusher, so you have to be ready to Give 200percent always. But i enjoyed every single challenging adventure all the way and will do it again 100times”

The KOB star also shared his experience working with the iconic actress, Sola Sobowale and he confessed that he enjoyed every part of it. He also added that he learnt a lot of things from her while they were shooting.

When it comes to his role models in the industry, Titi Kuti said he has too many to mention. For him, he watches and learns from people ahead of him in the different sectors of the industry. However, he said “Sola Sobowale tops that list as far as acting is concerned”

It is good to see that he has had no scandals so far. Well, one can only hope it remains that way. For those curious, he isn’t related to the popular “Kuti” family.


Wondering what to expect from him in the coming years?  Titi Kuti has promised more movies and more content to provide entertainment for the viewers and fans

To all the fans of Ade Tiger (Titi Kuti), he says;

Thank you all for the overwhelming support and reception , I love you all right back “ Till I Die “


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