NIGERIA AND CRUISE! Are We Ready For The War?

My name is Peace. But all I feel is Pain!

I want to tell you a little about myself, because only this would make you understand where I am coming from.

I am from Nigeria, the land of cruise. Well, if you know Nigerians too well, you would know we are specialties in catching cruise regardless of the situation we are in. You see me, I was one of those people always looking for something to catch cruise with.

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Well, you can call me Peace, the Cruise Master. To me, it didn’t matter the situation or who was involved; you see cruise, you catch am! Don’t blame me, it is the only way myself and many other Nigerians survive the depressing state the country has put us into.

I was born into a family of 3, I am the first while I have a younger sister and brother. I had what anyone would call the perfect family because we had this special bond and you could just tell we are all closely knitted. When I was 18, my brother 16 and my sister 12, my parents died in a ghastly mother accident. It was a crazy moment. It didn’t make sense. On their burial ceremony, my brother went to get something and was hit by a car. He died on the spot. Double Tragedy you would say.

Well, that’s a part of me I don’t allow get to me. It has happened and I just see it as one of those things.

However, for someone like me who is an orphan with just 1 surviving sibling, I had many worries and catching cruise was my escape from any form of pain. This was my life until there was an attack in the country my sister stays. As worried as I was about the safety of my sister, I was still enjoying the cruise the whole situation brought. Until one day, I got a call from her husband. She had been killed in the war.

For the first time, a situation wasn’t cruise to me. It was real!

You know, it is easy to catch cruise with literally anything and everything when the situation isn’t affecting you personally. It is easy to make fun of people’s situation when you are not in the receiving end of the pain. But then, if you get a sting of that pain, would it be cruise to you?

You go on social media or even have conversations with people and then you see different memes or jokes around sensitive situations. Then you get to ask; Should this really be funny? Maybe the only time such was very minimal was during the ENDSARS protest and the massacre killing. Well, you can argue a lot of Nigerians didn’t see it as cruise because they were directly involved. (Some people still use am catch cruise though”

Now, a World War 111 is looming and for some reasons, people think it is okay to catch cruise with it. What if your parents, siblings or even friends are currently in Ukraine? What if you lose a loved one to this fight? Would it still be funny to you?

Have you thought of the people going through that pain and how they would feel seeing some set of people actually see their plight as something to make fun about?

If anything happens and Nigeria is under serious attack, would you still find time to make jokes on social media?

Catching cruise is good but it isn’t everything you catch cruise about.

Nigerians really need to do better. YOU need to do better!

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