BLOODY Valentine

I didn’t care about the blasting sound of the sirens
I continued stabbing him while I watched his eyes beg me for mercy. I didn’t stop until I had his blood all over my face and body. Even when he breathed his last, I kept on stabbing him as I screamed his name!
My name is Ife and this is my Valentine’s story…

I woke up on the morning of 14th in high spirit. That day was special to me; I didn’t only feel it deep in my veins, I knew it. I had seen a message drop on my boyfriend’s phone a week earlier where he had ordered for a ring. You can imagine the excitement I felt, knowing that my man of 7 years was about to propose to me.

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I met Ibukunoluwa in my 200l. I was just 17 years at the time but I just knew He was the one. Everything seemed and still seems right with him. His smile sent goosebumps around my body and his laughter rang in my head even in my dreams. Ibukun was everything I prayed for and more.
Considering he was in his final year when we started dating, many expected our relationship to go South but Ibukun fought for us; fought for our love. Oh, our love grew even stronger when we graduated from school. Ibukun had made sure I was posted to the state he was for my Youth Service, just so we could be together. If there is one thing I could bet, it is the fact that Ibukun never cheated on me. Unlike the regular saying that Yoruba men are demons, my man made an exception.

Well, he was probably the only angel in the midst of the many demons. It didn’t matter, this Yoruba angel is mine and mine alone.
After so many years of loving each other passionately, of hurting each other and forgiving each other, of choosing each other regardless of the odds, this man is finally choosing to be with me. The most beautiful part is; he is choosing Valentine’s Day. My man is such a lover boy.
I went to fix my nails that morning. I had ordered for a sexy lingerie because I was definitely going to have the most intimate, beautiful sex of my life. I had imagined myself playing Ed-Sheeran’s perfect while I felt his long thick cock in my coochie and his lips on mine while at it. If I begin to talk about how this man makes love to me, you will be tempted to have a taste, so I’d stop.

We spoke that morning and I was expecting him to ask me to dinner or something. But he didn’t say anything, he also didn’t mention anything about us seeing that night. So, I told myself he had something else in mind. Trust me, Ibukun is the KING of surprises.
At 7pm, when I didn’t hear anything from him and couldn’t reach him either, I became worried and suspicious. Why isn’t he here? What could be wrong? I was about to take my car keys and head to his house when I got a text from him.
“I’m sorry babe, I have been in a meeting all day and I will be working all night. I’d see you tomorrow and make it up to you. Love you babe”
I felt bad but better that my baby was fine. I dropped my phone disappointingly and slept off.
At 10pm, I woke up with several missed calls and messages on my phone. I opened my phone and saw a picture of Ibukun proposing to a girl. I almost ran mad! It could not be happening. Almost immediately, there was a knock on my door and it was my best friend. She had seen the picture too and had rushed to my house. Nothing made sense to me, I just stared at my phone completely confused. Ibukun is probably a twin, it can’t be possible.

The next evening, Ibukun called me and asked that we saw. I thought to myself; “He is about to explain everything to me.” My friends advised me not to go and see him but I deserved an explanation, so I went.
Immediately I entered Ibukun’s house, he had candles all over. I had barely said anything when he began to kiss me. I forgot all my anger and kissed him back hungrily. I hate to admit I can’t resist this man but it is the truth.
We had passionate sex and he slept off after, leaving me to figure out what that was about.
I kept staring at this traitor and YORUBA DEMON on the bed. It made me really curious, asking myself what game this man was playing with me. I got up, walked to the kitchen, took a knife and headed back to the room.
Why would he do that to me? I know I messed up for sleeping with his best friend; but is it enough for him to disgrace and hurt me this way?
It is exactly 2 months after Valentine and stepping into the court room with a murder case charge, I know I am about to die for Love.


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