MC LIVELY: All You Need To Know About Him

There are only few comedians in Nigerian who will get you laughing till you roll on the floor and our Barrister Mike, popularly known as MC Lively is definitely on that list. If you love MC Lively, you are about to read uncommon, interesting stuff about him. I am super excited about this; what about you?

MC Lively’s full name is Sani Michael Ananasi (that’s the name his daddy and his mummy gave to him). The 30 year old young, talented and creative comedian is a graduate of Law from the famous Obafemi Awolowo University. Come to think of it, MC Lively read law… Well, that probably explains what brought about the character Barrister Mike. Before I forget, he is from Edo State (but I didn’t confirm if he posseses that thing Edo people are believed to have)

If you are crushing on MC Lively, then I am pretty sure you will be really interested in his relationship status. Well, he says I should tell you all that he is single and searching. So, if you can shoot your shot, you might just be the lucky one.

He’s been in the comedy space for about 6 years now, but his break out year was in 2017, when the video of him burning his certificate for N5 million went viral. Since then, we have had non stop entertainment from him. Kudos to this bundle of talent.

About who his role models are in the industry; he mentioned Ali Baba, Bovi, Frank Edoho and Frank Donga. To be honest, these people are talented.

Once again, if you are crushing on MC Lively, you will have Nancy Isime to battle with because he has declared that his celebrity crush is Nancy Isime.

To real business, MC Lively confessed that it hasn’t been a bed of roses into stardom. For him, writing scripts is one of the biggest challenges he has had to face as a comedian. No doubt, it is really difficult getting people to laugh, especially Nigerians who are always frustrated.

For him, there are always high and low moments and what is considered a high moment can be beaten by another. The truth anyway is; there’s been so many happy and sad moments in his journey as a comedian and celebrity.

As regards what we should expect from him, MC Lively has promised us unlimited content. He has told us we wouldn’t see him coming. I am super expectant, are you?

Finally for his fans, MC Lively says “ I LOVE YOU PA”


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