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11 Aug

The Road

QUADRI DRAGS HIMSELF SLOWLY TO THE KITCHEN with pain slapping him at every movement. But he must do this. The hour

23 Jun


SUNBEAMS DANCE THROUGH THE SLATTED BLINDS INTO THE half lit room where magic is starting to brew. I swear he is

12 Jun

The World of Social Media

Tweets are dropping, emotions are rising, friendships are being broken and names are being made. All of these and more are

23 Mar

World Water Day

World Water Day 2019 It is the World Water Day again. Unfortunately and sadly, the issues around water poverty is still

09 Mar

Samuel Olaseinde

It was very fascinating watching the young boy act in films and he even carries lines that we find rather difficult.

25 Jan

How Do You Grieve?

HOW DO YOU GRIEVE? Dámilọ́lá Ọládòyìnbó Sometimes, life hits us with the most unexpected, unprecedented and totally unassumable. 14th March would

20 Jan

My Love and My Fears

The doctor began to loosen the stitches, he untied the threads and cleaned up her wounds. “Hey honey, you’ll be fine”

11 Dec


  I am an ADDICTION you can’t afford to run from. My name is Adesewa. I am a business woman per

10 Nov

Jaiye Kuti

She’s dynamic, she’s energetic, she’s passionate. She is Wale Kuti Jayeola, who is fondly called Jaiye Kuti (@jayeolamonje). Jaiye Kuti is

31 Oct

In Love With Two

Oh, her eyes, her eyes Make the stars look like they are not shining Her hair, her hair, Falls perfectly without

10 Sep


  That morning was different. The sun seemed to shine brighter, the wind seemed to blow harder and life just seemed

07 Aug


I kissed you. You kissed me back. I scrolled my nails around your chest; You slipped your hand into my dress.

23 Jun

Aisle to Freedom

I think my ability to dust several strokes of cane is what led me here. Pardon my manners, my name is

02 Jun


I came out of the disciplinary room more confused than before. From the point I made that decision up till now,

21 May


Asides the beautiful dresses and the well decorated hall in a party, there is one more thing that catches the fancy

20 May


Ralia sat on the edge of the ruffled bed, with her teary eyes staring at the ceiling. She just paced into

12 May


‘Are you alright?’ my best friend asked me after the car moved out of the compound, I tried to speak but

07 May

Fitness Trainer

Many girls, especially the short ones, if asked, enjoy to bask in the glamour of dating a handsome muscular guy. I

05 May


I woke up exceptionally happy that morning, as I saw my wedding dress smiling innocently at me where it was carefully

03 May

Why Angry?

I was angry. Well, maybe I still am, maybe I am not. All I know, all I remember, is that anger

07 Apr

Cosmic Encounters

Chapter three The wristwatch on Governor Bazoki’s hand reads 2 a.m. He is wearing his agbada as he makes his way

01 Apr

Grip Am

So my friend invited me to come see a stage play (Grip Am) yesterday, at first I was skeptical about going

31 Mar

Cosmic Encounters

Chapter Two The two men have been sitting in the car for the past four hours. Their black Nissan is parked

24 Mar

Cosmic Encounters

There is fire on the mountain and even Zeus in all of his celestial powers is restless. Governor Bazoki gets up

24 Mar


He is handsome, generous, calm, a lover of music and ultimately single. He is Agboola Oluwatunmise Oluwatosin, whom many people know

17 Mar


Michael looked across the table at his friend Suki who have ben moody all day. He is no longer the friend

15 Mar


“BLIC, BLIC BLIC”. I could hear different voices from my dreams. I was almost sure I was having a nightmare. I

10 Mar


When he woke up he saw himself back on the cold floor of the forest. Silence and the presence of the

10 Mar

One Moment

Tears began to well up in my eyes as I scrubbed the splashed blood on my wall and on the floor.

08 Mar


I’ll sing you a song, only if you promise to dance to its tune A song of love, of strength, of

07 Mar

Our promise

I fell in love with you because you let me, because you said you got me, because you made me feel

03 Mar


Suki was confused and cold. He wish this was one terrible dream but deep down he knew that he was not

02 Mar


When you hear of a Master of Ceremony whose comic skills are fascinating, certain people come to the mind of many

01 Mar

Was I So Bad?

What did you feel when u pushed me? When you smacked me in the face? When you hit my head against

28 Feb


When Adaugo and the girls gathered for their usual BFF meet-up, they soon realize how less they know each other. They

28 Feb


Tonight,  I want to spread your legs,  eat you like watermellons. Tonight, I want to ravage you with orgasms,  make your

28 Feb

December Love

It’s a cold night, unusually cold I pick up my jacket and take a walk I’m lonely cold and sad It’s

28 Feb

My First Time

My First Time The first time I gave head, I couldn’t swallow saliva for days. Then I had an experience with

24 Feb

One Good Man

Oluwaremilekun Durojaiye Otuneye was born in the second half of the 1980s. He lived his childhood years in Surulere, Lagos. He

24 Feb


The Yehwe Zogbanu looked at Suki with tender eyes as a mother would look at her dear child. Suki sat up

22 Feb

Child’s Play

Ere omode, the play we enjoyed while growing up The sun scorching our faces as we run around The freedom we

21 Feb


What’s your first attraction in a room? The floor? The curtains? Or the Bed? Well for me, it’s the Bed and

20 Feb

April Touches

Everything happens at Apriltouches, with a creative and unique style… Contact us for Various Art designs(Wall paintings, Face paintings, Award plaques,

20 Feb

Weight loss

Intentional weight loss from exercise and dieting is one thing, but if you start losing weight without any major change in

17 Feb


“A what?” ‘It is a mythological ceratopsian-like cryptid beast that is said to have six eyes and several horns over its

15 Feb



11 Feb

Gold Digger

Tom laughed softly and pressed a long kiss on my lips. From lip to lip he progressed. ‘You should rest now,

10 Feb


That faint scream was enough to wake Suki. He felt a strange energy pump inside him. He felt filled inside as

09 Feb

Real Bassey

“I have so many scandals, but, I don’t pay attention to any of them” Michael Bonney Bassey, also known as, Bonbon

06 Feb

Rukewe and Julie

Rukewe and Julie is a pidgin stage play and also an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and juliet. It’s all about

03 Feb


Darola the tall guy threatened to beat some sense into his head if he failed to explain in plain English what

03 Feb

Oh My God

“Oh my God!” I exclaimed as I held on to my sister’s phone, not knowing whether to be angry or bemused.

02 Feb


“I am bad and I agree, Call me BADAGRY...” Adejokun Oluwatimilehin who is popularly known as Gbagaun Muncher, is an entertainer,

28 Jan


Everybody was confused. Those who were asleep before were now wide awake. Everybody turned to the mumbling boy who was now

25 Jan


Libya, oh Libya Why have you cast your hand of terror on our brothers? You presume us weak and defenseless You

25 Jan

Now A Slave

“You are your state of mind”. That is one big truth that has been the driving force of every individual, whether

24 Jan

Who Is She?

She has always been with me She sleeps by my side She wakes with me When I look in the mirror

24 Jan

Money and Sex

You all remember I had the girls the last time? Guess what… Hey my darling men, I’m not letting you go

23 Jan


She asked him- “Are you going to stay this time?” He held her, kissed her on her beautiful forehead and said

23 Jan

Before I DO

PASTOR: Do you take Tinu to be your loved wife for better, for worse. for richer or poorer, in sickness and

22 Jan


If they give you memories, why disrespect them? Many of us like to take pictures and many of us love to

22 Jan

Erectile Dysfuntion

Erectile dysfunction is a global health issue affecting males of all age groups. It is a very distressing problem and it

21 Jan


A Sunday evening turned her llife. My Fadeke! Fadeke was a religious woman. She ws born and brought up in an

20 Jan


Suki woke up that morning feeling sad and happy: sad because his National Youth Service days were finally over and happy

20 Jan


We were all born equal, but, some people became disabled… This doesn’t make them feel lesser than others, neither does it

19 Jan


You are alive! You can help another to stay alive!! You can’t help everyone, but, you can help someone desperately in

19 Jan


And the award goes to… Our intellectual guest for today is Ademola Ajibola aka Moreklue, who is one of the most

18 Jan

Mama Africa

Gold is the strength that she wears, On her neck as a pendant. Black is the color of her skin, Because

18 Jan

Broken Vessel

I ran as fast as my feet could carry me. I kept running amidst tears because I knew I needed to

16 Jan


I had no idea what love meant, Until I met you. I was always alone, I enjoyed being alone. A lone

16 Jan

Before I DO

“Love! Wedding! Marriage!. The joy, fantasy and reality of mankind.” Being in love is one of the most amazing feeling that will

15 Jan


Abbeycorn Furniture is a private owned furniture organization located in Ilorin, Kwara state but make deliveries across all states in Nigeria.

15 Jan


The breast is no doubt one of the important part of the human body and it is essential it is treated

15 Jan


The hot sun. The buzzling of the wind. The heavy rain. The insults. The splash of water. The muddy ground… All

13 Jan

My Other Room

“I’ll be waiting for you in the other room”. I heard his distant yet clear voice and I immediately grew pale.

11 Jan

Money and Sex

In our modern age, certain things have become rampant and there are almost inseparable. One of these include Money and sex.

11 Jan

One Girl

Clattering plates, pacing around… loud laughter… drink and every traditional meal…the ceremony had started. It was my time. a man had

10 Jan


It’s the beat of the drum… the striking of the cords… the vocal dexterity. It is how it all blends together

08 Jan

Monday motivation

Someday, you will be fine. Your life will be what you want it to be, you will have friends who bring

08 Jan


When all seems bleak, What next? Many believe life is a mystery while few others see it as an illusion but

06 Jan


The first time I ran down this staircase, we ran down the stairs together. It was a happy experience as we

04 Jan

Oshisko Twins

Our guests for today are the beautiful, intelligent, industrous and award winning comic twins who got into the entertainment industry fully

04 Jan


I was in the hospital one afternoon when a man rushed in his pregnant wife. As his wife was taken into

03 Jan

celebrity marriage

2017 was a year filled with several blockbuster movies and CELEBRITY MARRIAGE which featured great actors such as Odunlade Adekola, Toyin

02 Jan

Toxic Relationship

Many times, we find ourselves in relationships we are not comfortable in but we always find ourselves stuck in these relationships

01 Jan


Comfort- that’s her name. The lemon chair- that’s her favorite spot. Her name is not just a mere nomenclature, rather, it

01 Jan


When I stabbed him, I didn’t know he was going to die. I know that sounds plainly stupid,  but I murdered

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