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The breast is no doubt one of the important part of the human body and it is essential it is treated as such. Despite the value of the breast however, breast cancer has become one of the most frequently diagnosed cancer among females around the world. In view of this, it is important this issue is addressed in order to reduce death rates in the world, especially among women.
Developing breast cancer is based on an interplay of many risk factors :

Being a female
Increasing Age
History of breast cancer or other cancers in the family
Late age at first pregnancy, late menopause, early commencement of menstruation
Obesity, poor physical activity and unhealthy dietary habits
Exposure to pesticides and radiation
Alcohol consumption

Signs and symptoms
Early breast cancers may be silent in some cases making it difficult to suspect as there may be no pain or discomfort. However, the following signs should increase your suspicion of breast cancer :
Change in breast size or shape

Inexplicable skin changes
Recent nipple abnormality
Nipple discharge especially if blood-stained
Lump in the breast

Apart from working on the risk factors discussed above, the following are also essential in preventing / screening for breast cancer:
Regular Self Breast Examination
Clinical breast examination by a health care professional
Yearly mammography for women over age 45
Early hospital visits whenever unexpected changes are noticed in the breasts.
It is a deadly disease but death can be avoided. Breast cancer is better handled if detected early.

Make it a priority to pay good attention to your breasts today.




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