06 Feb

Key Ingredient for a Lasting Relationship


The loving words…
The beautiful dates…
The long calls…
Oh Yes, being in a relationship can be a beautiful thing, but, it can also be a problematic one. All depends on what you do to your relationship and how you treat it. Many of us have been victims of heartbreaks and broken relationships at one point or the other, and we have been quick to blame the other party for the heartbreak. The question most of us have however refused to ask ourselves is why that relationship got messy after all.
We have seen many duo who look so beautiful and compatible, only to discover many months later that they have broken up, and sometimes are even enemies and we are in abyss of wonder as to what could have happened to such a beautiful relationship. Friends, truth is, getting into a relationship is not the problem, but the ability to maintain that relationship becomes the real deal. There are certain things that are important for every couple know and have if they want their relationship to go a long way. Some of these things include, love, commitment, trust, understanding and sacrifice. None of these is the assurance of a lasting relationship, but they can go a long way in making your relationship the fantasy you have always craved for.
LOVE: The concept of love has been a subject of debate to many, and while some see it as a mere illusion, some other believe it is a reality. Truth be told, love is real, love is true and the problem is not in the reality of love but in our ability to love. Many people enjoy the idea of being loved but they see themselves as incapable of loving. Common friends, love is never one-sided because love feeds on reciprocating.We need to understand that although attraction might be unconscious or subconscious, love requires a conscious effort. One major problem is that many people get into relationships for the wrong reasons and many people are oblivious of the concept of love. In as much as love cannot be explained but felt, each person is conscious of what he feels, but, we are most times carried away by personal fantasies. It is wrong to date a person because of pity because that pity will wear off someday and the struggle to stay with that person begins. It is wrong to date a person because of his/her body structure or beauty, because all of these will wash away someday and it becomes stressful to still become attracted to that person. Love sees beyond all of these, it dwells in the heart and it is indescribable. The truth is, at every point, you have the tendency to meet someone more attractive and interesting than your partner and if you are not with your partner for the right reasons, off you go. You should be sure of the person and decide to stick with that person. Love might not be all it takes to have a successful relationship, but it is surely a major ingredient in maintaining one.
COMMITMENT: Being in love with a person does not guarantee your commitment to that person, although it should. Love has its place and a conscious effort to stay committed to that person has its own place. Commitment means loyalty and faithfulness; it is the ability to love a person and decide to stick to that person regardless of what it takes. Many promising relationships fail today because one or both of the partners cannot maintain emotional and sexual loyalty to their partners. I get really surprised each time I hear people say, “cheating is normal for a guy” because it seems very shallow. I mean, loyalty has nothing to do with gender, it is a simple place of individual responsibility and it is very disrespectful to your partner if you cheat. If you are tired of your relationship, it is better to break up with your partner, instead of breaking them. A man or woman who cannot stay faithful in a relationship, is likely to cheat in marriage, because loyalty is a habit you acquire consciously. I am not against enjoying yourselves in the days of your youth; but if you will do it, make sure you are in your boat alone. You can do all you want to, if you are single, but the moment to decide to get serious with someone, you need to get serious with yourself too. You should begin to live with the understanding that you are not in that boat alone again. I understand people make mistakes and we can’t judge a person by his mistakes, but, the idea of a mistake should not be an excuse for your irresponsibility. Friends, if you decide to be with a person, stay true to that person.

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